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10 Modern Pantographs for the Soccer Party Quilt

There are two types of people in this world; those that have a quilting plan before cutting into fabric and those who wait until the quilt top is finished to think about the actual quilting. I am usually a last-minute quilting decision-maker myself so I always welcome any inspiration that comes along the way as I'm piecing.

If you've purchased your copy of the Soccer Party Quilt pattern, even if you aren't finished with your quilt top, here is some inspiration to help you start thinking about the next step of the process. You can also save this for later when you've finished your quilt top for easy reference. (If you still need your copy of the pattern, you can purchase it here.)

Some people love this part of the quilt making process, enjoying either to quilt their quilt using a domestic machine for custom quilting or the selection process of finding a pantograph to complement the quilt top design. For others it can be overwhelming to pick the ONE pantograph that will perfectly work for their quilt.

Below I've gathered some suggestions (with images for you visual people!) on ten modern pantographs that I think work perfectly for the Soccer Party Quilt. If you're stuck on this part of the process, I hope these can provide a little inspiration to get things going again.



1.Easy Honeycomb by Red Willow Quilts

When I designed the Soccer Party Quilt, this was a specific texture I had in mind to go with the pattern. I wanted the quilt to actually look like a realistic soccer ball and the hexagon shaped texture of this pantograph perfectly illustrated that.

2. Brick Star by The Quilting Mill

This was a close second to the texture quest for this quilt. The angular design of the star shape on this reminded me of the angles on the pentagon shape within the quilt design itself. I am also intrigued with how the stars would "pop" on the black fabric if you used a thread color to match the background.

3. Donut Connection by Jess Zeigler/The Longarm League

A more simplistic take on the texture of a ball, this pantograph reminded me more of the texture on a basketball or football but I think it could still work for soccer!

4. Ringlets by Sew Shabby Quilting

I love the subtle movement and softness this pantograph provides in contrast to the angular shapes within the quilt pattern design. I think this design would really shine on the white background of this quilt.

5. Anise by Sew Shabby Quilting

Another pantograph with some softer movement and more rounded texture, I also love the subtle grid created by the offset placement of the design.

6. Shattered Chevron by Beany Girl Quilts

This pantograph really adds to the "party" feel of the Soccer Party Quilt pattern. I love the irregular uniformity of the chevrons and how they provide a fun texture.

7. Willow Leaf's Voltage by Willow Leaf Designs

I love, love the fun this pantograph adds to the quilt pattern design here. Another pantograph that emphasizes the "party" in the Soccer Party Quilt.

8. Chip by Leisha Farnsworth

One of the benefits of a white background on this quilt is that if you match your thread to the background, you're guaranteed an area where the quilting design will "pop" on the darker pentagon shapes. This design really adds that pop in a dynamic way to this quilt.

9. Flying Saucer by The Quilting Mill

One word: movement. I love the way the movement of this pantograph fills in the background of the quilt pattern design.

10. Celebration by Willow Leaf Designs

This pantograph gives the quilt that "all-star" feel and would be perfect for the All-Star in your life.

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