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The Baseball/Softball Quilt You've Been Waiting For...

Hey Team!

Where do I even begin?! In just TWO days, the Fastball Quilt releases and I can't even tell you how thrilled I am to share this pattern with you!

While the Fastball Quilt is not the first pattern I've designed, made or written, it will always hold a special place in my heart as the first pattern I am releasing for sale in my shop. It is also a representation of all of those summers spent in the dugout on ballfields across the midwest (and country!) throughout my childhood. While I participated in multiple sports throughout the years, softball will always be that "one" sport that has my heart.

Keep reading below for FOUR things I love this pattern...




Ok, I admit that I'm a people pleaser to my core but in this case, it is to your benefit! :)

Included in the pattern are the following options for a choose-your-own-adventure based on

the desired end-use of your quilt:

-TWO Background cutting and piecing options:

-All Square Background (perfect for a scrappy background and more versatility)

-Strip and Square Background (best for using a single background fabric color)

-TWO Colorway Options for the "seams" or "stitches" on the baseball

-TWO COLOR (for using a single color for all the seams)

-OMBRÉ (for using an ombré effect using six different colors for the seams)

Be sure to check out my upcoming blog post including pattern tester photos for some inspiration!


This quilt is a confident beginner skill level only for the on-point setting of the blocks. The most challenging aspect of piecing this quilt is in the assembly step. Because this quilt is designed on-point, it requires rows to be pieced together diagonally. Additionally, because the quilt is set on-point, there are triangle setting blocks on the edges. There is one small extra step at the end of your piecing where you will simply trim your edges to be square. You can do this step before quilting or when you square up your quilt top before adding your binding (which is my preferred method).


When designing this pattern, I wanted a design that featured iconic baseball/softball details

but that could also be used in your home as a complement to your decor. A quilt that could

live throughout the season that you could also bring with you to those early spring and late fall ball games.


This quilt is the perfect gift for a baseball or softball coach, player or fan. Whenever I gift a quilt (which is most of the time), I make sure to include a label for the recipient but this step is quite often an afterthought and can be a pain when I'm in a rush to finish the quilt.

Included in the pattern are FOUR customizable labels. These label templates are designed as a quick and easy way to enter the information you want, and print your label without much extra thought. AND they're in the shape of home plate, perfect to go with the baseball/softball inspired design.

In addition to the label templates, I've included links in the PDF download to walk you through customizing your label, adding your label to your quilt and if you'd like to add a handmade touch, how to add a "baseball stitch" to your label.



I hope you'll enjoy Fastball as much as I have and if you're itching to get your fabric ready, check out the fabric requirements below!

Diagrams of both background piecing options are also included below as there are slight fabric requirement differences on the throw size as noted in the table.

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